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How Food Can Affect Your Mood

I recently wrote a blog post for Maliya Wellness Centre For Women on how what we eat can impact our mood.

Have you ever heard of Serotonin? It’s a chemical our nerve cells produce, and is often referred to as the happy hormone. It’s a neurotransmitter which sends messages between nerve cells. It plays a role in mood, emotions, appetite, and digestion. Research has linked low serotonin levels to mood disorders, and it may play a role in depression. It’s also a precursor to melatonin, so is involved in regulating our sleep-wake cycles.

90 - 95% of our serotonin is made in our gut. This means that what we’re eating doesn’t just affect our physical body, it also affects our mood and our sleep patterns.

Please follow the link to read more about what you can eat to improve your mood: Food for Mood


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