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I met Janet a few years ago, she was the first provider that introduced me to Reiki. When I had my first treatment, I was skeptical as I am used to tactile care. Janet has a beautiful, grounding, warm and sensitive nature. Her energy made it easy for me to relax and trust leaning into my treatment. During the treatment I was astounded to feel the subtle shifts in my body. I didn’t realize that after the treatment, Reiki healing continues. Thankfully, Janet followed up to check in and let me know what to expect in the time to come. Since then, I have returned to Janet, grateful to have a provider I can return to when I am feeling “blocked” or “stormy”. I always look forward to meeting with Janet as a provider and a wonderful person.


Rebecca W., Toronto, ON

I've had Reiki healing from many gifted practitioners over the years, and I am in fact a Level One Reiki practitioner myself.  I have never experienced such a profound healing experience until I began having Reiki with Janet.  On one occasion, I was struggling with deep grief and sadness at the loss of a relationship and was unable to move forward.  I was working with a therapist, practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation, and while all of these helped, it was my one-hour distance Reiki session with Janet that finally moved the needle!  In person sessions with her are even more profound.  Janet is a kind and empathetic healer and I am grateful for her amazing restorative Reiki!

Naomi Simpson - Certified Coach and Astrologer, Toronto, ON

I had wanted to try Reiki for a few years; however, was unsure about going to someone I didn’t know. Late in 2014, I was very happy to hear that Janet, who I know from my chiropractor’s office, was a Reiki Master. My first session was quite intense & after the session, I felt euphoric! The most immediate noticeable difference physically, was that I had no pain in my knees or hips which had been a day to day struggle for a number of years. I have been to 2 more sessions, each one has been different in very positive ways. The last session left me with a feeling of complete peace. Overall, Reiki has helped me with my stress level, physical pain in my knees & hips & I feel overall much happier, more positive, balanced & at peace with myself. Reiki has quite honestly changed my life!


J.W., Calgary, AB

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