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Embracing the Reality of Superheroes - a beautiful story written by one of my lovely clients, about her experience with the Metabolic Balance program. 

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Working with Janet was such a pleasure! She was available to answer all questions and was super supportive - she's got so much knowledge and made the Metabolic Balance food plan a huge success for me! I saw great results from this plan and it was well worth it. 

Tahira J. - Calgary, AB

Working with Janet Perry as a Metabolic Balance coach has been one of the best decisions I have made for my health. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Since working with Janet, I have lost 25lbs! I feel less bloated and have more energy. I have learned which foods are best for my body and have gained life long tools to lose unwanted weight and inflammation. Janet is so supportive and very knowledgeable and caring. The recipes she creates are easy and so delicious! I highly recommend Janet if you are wanting to lose some weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. She’s the best! Thank you Janet!!

Christine G. - Cochrane AB

Doing this meal plan has been the greatest decision I have made for my health. Not only did I lose the unhealthy weight that I was carrying around, it also made me more mindful of the nutrients that my body needs to perform optimally. It has transformed my overall view on how to approach my health and wellness. Having Janet support me as I ask all of my questions surrounding substitutions and giving me recipes to satisfy my cravings was exceptional. I can't thank her enough and I can't recommend Metabolic Balance enough.


S.G. - Windsor, ON

Janet Perry is in the right lane as a Metabolic Balance Coach. Working with her on the program, I lost over 30 pounds. Janet goes the extra mile, not just encouraging or providing expert advice, but also creating delicious bespoke recipes for me, assisting with shopping questions while I was in store and handling me well as I went through the challenges one inevitably does with any weight loss program and lifestyle change. Janet cares and wants you to succeed. Her clients are lucky to have her.


Shaun Proulx - Shaun Proulx Media Inc., Toronto, ON

My journey with the Metabolic Balance program has been an interesting one. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, CIRS, and other illnesses, my intention was to try this program to decrease the inflammation in my body and ease my nervous system. I will start by saying that no, in the beginning it was not fun. I complained A LOT!!!! Yet, I was dedicated to the goal of feeling better, and it is working! I was incredibly skeptical at first as I believed that I ate healthy already, so how could anything really change? I learnt very quickly that the foods I thought were nurturing my body, whether it be particular vegetables, specific meats, different types of nuts, etc. they were actually contributing to the inflammation. Once I had my blood work done, and the foods provided to me were based on the inflammatory markers in my body, did I understand that the foods I considered ‘healthy’, were actually not healthy for me at all. I drastically changed the food I was eating, the quantities I was consuming, and the times in which I was eating these foods. After a few weeks in, I started to notice a huge shift. Mind fog-GONE, bloating-GONE, irritability-GONE, insomnia-GONE, achy joints-GONE, exhaustion-GONE!!! In addition to that, I have lost 10 POUNDS-NO EXERCISE!! (That will come soon as I continue to regain my energy) I will continue on the program as I recognize that there are a few more pounds that I would like to lose, and having adjusted to my new foods, it’s become pretty easy to navigate. After many years of hopelessness, I am feeling great, and feeling grateful! Thank you, Janet, for your continued support. 


Lori Bean - Founder of Maliya Wellness Centre for Women, Cochrane, AB

I have had great experiences following the Metabolic Balance program. I started off very skeptical and frustrated as an active and nutritious conscious person who had recently had some health struggles and challenges. I was giving up many foods, even meat for the sake of my health. I lived a vegan lifestyle to try and heal my body and feel better, but to no avail! Then I stumbled upon the Maliya Wellness Centre for Women and Janet Perry.


After joining the program with Janet, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the weight came off and how much better I as feeling in terms of sleeping better, more energy and a noticeable difference in my inflammation. Due to my health concern, I was having regular bloodwork and my latest tests contrasted with my preprogram tests were the absolute proof that the program was working for me. My cholesterol dropped significantly, and my Cardiologist noticed a definite difference in my numbers all around. Friends and family commented on the difference in my body, and I noticed the dramatic shift in the places I was losing weight from, different from any other diet I had been on. I didn’t just become a smaller pear size frame, but my actual body shape was changing, and I was seeing a different shape emerge along with muscles and definition appear that I had not seen in a very long time. I have lost 23 pounds to date and am working on the next 20.


Janet is an absolute dream to work with and always available for support, help, answers, cheerleading and great recipes. While I still have my battles, I could not be more confident that I will make my goal soon and have learned the knowledge and skills I need to keep it off long term. I couldn’t be happier to have found such a great program and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bring their health and weight back into balance.


S.H. - Cochrane, AB

I started the Metabolic Balance program in January 2022. It took me a while to jump onboard and do it, but I’m glad I did. I knew that I should lose some weight – I didn’t look or feel my best and my doctor warned me of impending chronic health impacts; my bloodwork results for the program clinched my participation. I was kind of worried that I’d never get to eat anything ‘good’ or ‘tasty’ again, that I would be miserable, that the plan would be difficult to follow or even worse wouldn’t work. But I was totally wrong! The customized program actually had tons of my favourite foods, introduced me to some new options and I did not starve in any way. Sure, it took a week or two to get used to the system, and my personalized menu plan but my coach, Janet Perry, gave me a handy reference chart that I kept by the fridge and now I don’t even have to think about it because it’s just a new habit. I’ve lost 40 pounds in under 4 months – they practically melted off - and I feel better knowing which foods work best for me, and which are not my friends. You owe it to yourself to contact Janet and give Metabolic Balance a try.


Randall R., Pickering, ON

My aim was to lose 10 to 15 pounds, which would put me at a weight that I had held consistently for many years before I hit my 50s. But aside from any specific weight I really wanted to ‘depuff’ – to look and feel less bloaty, less sluggish and sore and get rid of some junk around my midsection and thighs. I loved that the Metabolic Balance plan used my own bloodwork results to create a plan that is unique to me and no one else, rather than programs that just apply the same principles in a one size fits all way. I’ve come very close to hitting the 125 scale number goal (just 3-4pounds off), but much more importantly I just look and feel so much better overall. My clothes fit completely differently and I have to choose smaller sizes off the rack, the way I carry my body is more balanced, I’m less puffy in the gut and I think my skin has a better tone and clarity to it.  Janet Perry has been an excellent coach – she takes the time to check in and review your progress, she gets excited about sharing ideas and recipes and she understands if you slip up, struggle or need help refocusing. Thanks Janet!


​Naomi R., Toronto, ON

I approached Metabolic Balance with a little skepticism. Nothing seemed to work to get me motivated to lose those extra pounds, even though I knew they were contributing to a lot of other problems: carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and falls that resulted in broken bones. I went in to lose weight, and though easily (very easily!) hitting my goal weight in a couple months was great, more importantly the underlying issues have lessened or disappeared. My carpal tunnel problems seem to be gone, as is my plantar fasciitis, especially in the morning. I have less anxiety and am sleeping better, without relying on sleep aides. I don't crave sugar, am never hungry, and my clothes fit again!! I love that I am learning to intuit the right amount to eat, and what to eat too. I can't recommend this modality enough, and Janet is wonderful to work with: informative, warm, helpful and supportive. I can always reach her when I need to, and she goes above and beyond to walk me through this process, with great information and great recipes too! 


Do it do it do it...


L.G., Toronto, ON

Turning 50, going through perimenopause then menopause - is terrible. Hard on so many levels. I was feeling older and bloated. My body didn't feel like it used to and despite constant exercise and eating well - it wasn't getting better. Then, along came Janet! She told me about the Metabolic Balance program and I jumped at the chance. And boy am I glad I did. I have lost 10 pounds, but more importantly the bloating has gone way down. My wedding rings are loose now! My joints feel better. I am awake again. I feel like I can eat this way forever. I am less hungry, feel more satisfied and when I do have a treat meal - it's so enjoyable. As I move through the program I give myself little treats, and nothing changes in terms of my weight or my inflammation. Janet is also so supportive and positive and down to earth. She knows what I'm going through because she is going through it too! She's not judgemental or too strict. She gets that we have to move through life and at times it's unpredictable. This program lets life happen and your body stays on track. 


Kathleen G., Toronto, ON

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