Holistic Nutrition

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I help people make dietary choices designed to suit their individual needs. Adopting a diet rich in organic, whole foods can lead to a lifetime of optimum health, vitality and balance.

My approach is based on a nutritious natural foods diet. I believe in the consumption of the most nutrient dense foods available, to help the body naturally balance and heal itself.


I specialize in digestive health, weight loss, cleansing, meal planning, recipe creation, food preparation and healthy cooking.


I will help you to:

  • Make better food choices at home, work and on the go

  • Feel confident in choosing and preparing healthy food

  • Experience a lasting increase in your energy and vitality

  • Decrease your cravings and binges

  • Feel better in your body and achieve your ideal weight

  • Set realistic goals

  • Plan menus

  • Read food labels and shop for healthy foods

  • Learn to prepare easy, nutritious and most importantly, delicious meals

By committing to clean eating now, you are making a statement about how important your health is. Banishing processed foods, instead filling up on fresh, healthy ingredients will have a positive impact on how you look and feel. 




Initial Consultation

To maintain a proper social distance during the pandemic, the appointments are done virtually, either by phone or a video chat.

The initial consultation is divided into two 60 minute appointments, approximately one week apart.


The first appointment is for information gathering. We will talk about your current health goals, discuss the foods you're eating, lifestyle and exercise habits, as well as mindful practices. You will leave with tips and information for getting started.

The second appointment is when you will be presented with your individualized nutrition plan.


Initial Consultation:


$200 - paid at end of first appointment

Follow-up Appointments:


60 Minutes: $60.00

30 Minutes: $40.00

All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

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When you discover that healthy eating does not mean eating food without flavour, and that it is a way of life, and not just something you do on occasion, you’re gifting yourself a lifetime of good health.

"Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork"

— English Proverb