The 8 Rules of Metabolic Balance


  1. Eat exactly three meals a day. During the Strict Conversion Phase you should follow the plan implicitly. Do not eat more, do not eat less or anything other than what is stated on your personal food list.

  2. After each meal, take a break of at least five hours and no more than seven before starting your next meal. Between meals you may only have plain water. So no coffee, tea, sodas, or adding flavouring to water, just straight water. Filtered is best.

  3. Do not allow any single meal to last longer than 60 minutes.

  4. Always begin each meal with one or two bites of protein.

  5. Eat only one type of protein per meal. For each of your three meals choose a protein from a different protein group, so that you are eating from three different protein groups every day.

  6. If possible, do not eat after 9 pm.

  7. Over the course of the day, ensure that you drink the amount of water that has been specifically calculated for your needs.

  8. Please eat any fruit from your list (including your daily apple) as part of your meal or as a dessert with your meal.