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Tips to help you recover from a party weekend at the cottage!

View from the front porch of my family cottage

I was recently contacted by Cottage Life Magazine to contribute to their Summer 2016 edition on eating healthy during and after a party weekend with friends at a cottage. As someone who has spent summers at the family cottage in northern Ontario since I was a newborn, this was a huge honour. The picture above is the view from the front porch, on beautiful Lake Wah Wash Kesh. My family has been subscribing to this wonderful magazine since it's first edition. Attached is an online version, there are 4 tips on this page, The Skin Fix isn't mine, but the other 3 are. There is another section in the magazine which I am featured in which discusses how to prepare food for weekend at your own cottage or at a friend's. This isn't online yet.

Please follow the link to read up on some handy tips for surviving a party weekend at the cottage: Cottage Life Magazine

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