Lemon-Horseradish Dip Recipe

Lemon-Horseradish Dip Serves 6 This easy to make snack is packed with nutrients. Organic Greek yogurt contains probiotics, which are live microorganisms. These bacteria microbes may help improve digestive function and the immune system, and may also help reduce side effects of antibiotic treatments. Greek Yogurt is also a good source of protein. Horseradish is low in calories and fat. However, it contains a good amount of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Enjoy with raw vegetables. • 1 Cup Plain, Organic Greek Yogurt • 2 Tbsp. Horseradish • 1 Tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice • 1 Tsp. Grated Lemon Zest • 1 Green Onion, finely sliced • Sea Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper, to taste 1. Mix everything together in a bowl. 2. Serve with fresh vegetables for dipping.

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