Phase 2:  Strict Conversion


You have already taken the first step to reaching your goal by committing yourself to the Metabolic Balance program.  


This program contains your very own personal meal plan which has been created just for you. The plan includes a list of natural, unprocessed foods that are the most suitable for your body.


The first 14 days of the Strict Conversion Phase with Metabolic Balance are the most

important. It is essential that you follow the recommendations on your plan implicitly during

this time. This is the best way to ensure that you are adequately supplying your body with

the foods it currently needs. This phase also incorporates foods and principles that do not

put a strain on your body. The unique goal of the Metabolic Balance program is to influence

weight and implement a new lifestyle the natural way. And entirely without the yo-yo effect!


These initial 14 days are also extremely important in allowing your body a chance to adapt to

its new lifestyle. It is your opportunity to let go of any old habits or attitudes towards food

and replace them with new ones. You will learn to become familiar with your body’s inner

signals and will be able to identify the foods your body really needs.


After just two weeks you will already be able to look back proudly at all that you have

achieved. With your increased personal experience, your life is likely to take on a whole new

meaning. We would like to wish you every success on your journey.


The strict adjustment phase lasts for a minimum of 14 days. You will have the option to remain on this phase until you have reached your desired goal. During this phase your metabolism will slowly start to adjust and become more efficient.


Expert Tips for Everyday Life


  1. The amounts given in the meal plan indicate the raw weight of the food. If you are using cooked beans or lentils, please double the amount stated. If using frozen fruits and vegetables, use the same amount as fresh.

  2. For the first 14 days of Phase 2 you may not add any oils to your meals.

  3. For the plan to work please follow the 8 Rules as closely as you can.

  4. You may use fresh or dried herbs and spices in moderate amounts to add flavour to your food.

  5. Enjoy a variety of items from the lists of daily food allowances and plan your meals in advance.

  6. Buy organic whenever possible.

  7. Remember that the appearance of your food also affects the taste. Setting the table and making your food look appealing are all part of the eating process.

  8. With Metabolic Balance your daily routine can still remain flexible and stress-free by preparing meals at home and taking them with you. It’s easy to prepare a delicious breakfast or lunch the previous evening and then enjoy it the next day without a hassle.

  9. Never feel guilty if you indulge in something you believe you shouldn’t. Enjoy it and forget about it. This is not easy and there is absolutely no reason you should ever feel badly.