Metabolic Balance

I approached Metabolic Balance with a little skepticism. Nothing seemed to work to get me motivated to lose those extra pounds, even though I knew they were contributing to a lot of other problems: carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and falls that resulted in broken bones. I went in to lose weight, and though easily (very easily!) hitting my goal weight in a couple months was great, more importantly the underlying issues have lessened or disappeared. My carpal tunnel problems seem to be gone, as is my plantar fasciitis, especially in the morning. I have less anxiety and am sleeping better, without relying on sleep aides. I don't crave sugar, am never hungry, and my clothes fit again!! I love that I am learning to intuit the right amount to eat, and what to eat too. I can't recommend this modality enough, and Janet is wonderful to work with: informative, warm, helpful and supportive. I can always reach her when I need to, and she goes above and beyond to walk me through this process, with great information and great recipes too! 

Do it do it do it...

L.G., Toronto


Turning 50, going through perimenopause then menopause - is terrible. Hard on so many levels. I was feeling older and bloated. My body didn't feel like it used to and despite constant exercise and eating well - it wasn't getting better. Then, along came Janet! She told me about the Metabolic Balance program and I jumped at the chance. And boy am I glad I did. I have lost 10 pounds, but more importantly the bloating has gone way down. My wedding rings are loose now! My joints feel better. I am awake again. I feel like I can eat this way forever. I am less hungry, feel more satisfied and when I do have a treat meal - it's so enjoyable. As I move through the program I give myself little treats, and nothing changes in terms of my weight or my inflammation. Janet is also so supportive and positive and down to earth. She knows what I'm going through because she is going through it too! She's not judgemental or too strict. She gets that we have to move through life and at times it's unpredictable. This program lets life happen and your body stays on track. 

K.G., Toronto

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