14 Day Dietary Cleanse

Saturday June 11, 2016

11:00 am

Downtown Calgary

14 Day Dietary Cleanse

Saturday June 11, 2016

11:00 am

Downtown Calgary


Rediscover good health through a gentle and safe, 14 day dietary cleanse, designed by Janet Perry C.H.N., CSNC Certified Holistic Nutritionist™, Certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Personal Chef.


If you've experienced any of the following:


  • Fatigue or low energy levels

  • Sugar cravings or cravings for baked goods

  • Salt cravings

  • Having less than one bowel movement per day

  • Indigestion / acid reflux

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Recurring infections, colds or general malaise

  • Frequent headaches

  • Bad breath or excessive body odour

  • Skin problems, such as acne, eczema, flushing or rashes


You will likely benefit from a dietary cleanse.


Wish you felt more energized? Need help kick-starting a diet? Want to Eliminate toxins? Whatever your reason to cleanse, you'll be doing your body a favour.


Learn how to achieve optimum health and balance through your diet. 


Program Includes:


  • 60 Minute group workshop on why cleansing is important and what to expect while you are cleansing

  • 14 Day Dietary Protocol

  • Food-Mood Journal

  • Recipes

  • Meal suggestions and template for planning

  • Self-care ideas

  • Exercise tips

  • Gift Bag with fun items to help make your cleansing experience enjoyable

  • Private Facebook Group for recipe ideas and support

  • Post Cleanse Suggestions for continuing your new healthy lifestyle


Good health begins with good digestion!


Reg. $150


Now Only $99!!

Janet, thank you again for a great cleanse and a great post cleanse follow-up.  It's amazing how much more aware of my body I am and how I now realize that this is not how I should feel.  Thank you SO MUCH for opening my eyes to how my body could and should function.
M.B., Toronto