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10 Day Kick-Start Cleanse


Wish you felt more energized? Need help kick-starting a diet? Want to gently eliminate toxins? Improve mental clarity? Reduce unwanted food cravings? Ease inflammation, aches, and pains? Support healthy digestion? Whatever your reason to cleanse, you'll be doing your body a favour.


Rediscover good health through a gentle and safe, 10 day dietary cleanse, designed by me, originally for me, when I was struggling with some minor health issues, and since it made me feel so good, I'm now sharing it with you!


Learn how to achieve optimum health and balance through your diet. 


I will provide all the information you need to get started on your path to feeling great.

Good health begins with good digestion!

Organic Vegetables

$150 Cdn.

       Program Includes:


  • 30 minute virtual appointment to get you organized

  • 10 Day dietary protocol

  • Goal setting

  • Food-Mood journal

  • Kitchen clean out tips

  • Information on what to expect while cleansing

  • Self-care tips to help you stay on track

  • Recipes 

  • Meal ideas

  • Movement and mindfulness recommendations

  • Ongoing support and encouragement

  • Vegan/vegetarian and omnivore plans available

  • Post cleanse suggestions

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